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How To Clean Flame Retardant Workwear

Flame-retardant work clothes are divided into two styles: one is the upper and lower separation style, and the other is the trousers one-piece style. The washing of flame-retardant work clothes is different from the washing of normal work clothes. If you do not pay attention to these small details in daily life, it may shorten the life of flame-retardant work clothes.


In order to be safer and more beautiful, when washing, the water temperature should be below 30 degrees, 1g of neutral soap or enzyme-free detergent is added per kilogram of clothing, the bath ratio is not more than 1:40, and the light washing method is adopted. After washing, it should be dried in the sun or dried naturally and ironed at a high temperature of 150 degrees for 2 minutes. It can also be used after ironing at a high temperature of 150 degrees for 4 minutes. When not in use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mechanical or chemical damage, and should not be placed with corrosive materials.


The flame-retardant workwears produced by Deep-Protection Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd have a variety of styles. The more conventional ones are flame-retardant coveralls, flame-retardant split suits, flame-retardant overalls, flame-retardant jackets, flame-retardant jeans, flame-retardant shirts, etc.

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