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What Material Is Used For The Flag Of The Moon Landing

         On December 3, 2020, after about 19 hours of lunar surface work, the Chinese lunar exploration project Chang'e-5 probe successfully completed the lunar surface sampling, and the ascender successfully lifted off with the lunar “local products” and embarked on a return journey. Before takeoff, the five-star red flag carried by the lander was successfully deployed on the lunar surface, and the bright Chinese red made the world excited and moved.


   This is the first time that the Chinese flag is "independently displayed" on the surface of the moon. Unlike the national flags on the Chang'e-3, Chang'e-4 and Yutu lunar rover, which are sprayed, the national flag carried by Chang'e-5 is a real "fabric version" of the flag. The national flag is from Yantai Taihe New Materials Co., Ltd. The high-performance aramid fiber material.


High-Performance Aramid

    It is not as easy as imagined to raise the five-star red flag on the moon. Due to the strong electromagnetic radiation in the universe and the temperature difference between plus and minus 150°C on the surface of the moon, if the flag of ordinary material is exposed on the moon, it will fade and cross colors immediately, and the flag surface will even crack and decompose.


         In order to ensure that the first textile flag in the history of China’s aerospace can be successfully displayed on the moon, the scientific research team is based on the high-performance aramid fiber material of Yantai Tayho and uses the "efficient short-process embedded composite spinning of Wuhan Textile University" Technology", "Ultrafine powder of high-quality natural polymer materials and its high-value-added reuse technology" and other related technologies have been developed through countless trials and finally successfully prepared high-quality lunar display flag fabrics.


         The successful application of high-performance aramid fiber materials on the flag of the moon landing has added dazzling scientific and technological brilliance to the five-star red flag. The raw materials of Wuxi Deep-Protection Textile are provided by Yantai Tayho. The products have been successfully applied in aerospace, modern transportation, safety protection and other fields, and have made active efforts to social and economic development and to create a better life for mankind.

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